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How to Remove Moss From Roof in 3 Easy Steps

Having moss on your roof causes no good but harm to your roof. If you leave it not cleared for long, it will grow large and cause more damage. A roof with moss becomes weaker and loses its performance with each day the moss stays on it.

While moss is more dangerous on wood and asphalt, it also reduces the lifespan of other roofing materials, such as concrete, metal, and clay. Therefore, you must remove moss before it grows large and covers a significant area of your roof.

This article will walk you through three easy steps to clean off moss on your roof and ensure it does not come back.

Tools you will need to complete this task include:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Extension Ladder
  • Plastic Sheeting
  • Safety Rope
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Pump Spray Bottle
  • Commercial Cleanser

1. Clear Moss from your Roof Shingles

First, you should be concerned about your safety, so you need to put on your safety gear, such as your eye protection, rubber gloves, and old clothes. Also, make sure that your shoes are not slippery.

After this, place your ladder near the part of the roof with moss and gently climb up. While in an excellent position to access the moss on your roof, pour water on the moss area and use your scrub brush to remove it.

While doing this, make sure you are not scraping the roof with your tool. Also, make sure you are through with one area before going on to another area. This is to ensure you do not break the shingles with a load of moss.

One mistake most people make while removing moss from their roof is to use a pressure washer. Using a pressure washer on your roof may damage the shingles.

2. Apply a Solution to Remove the Moss

There are cases where muss cannot be removed by just scrubbing. In this case, you will have to invest in a moss cleanser. However, you will have to wait for a cold-weather before you apply for this solution.

Using the solution in a hot condition makes it evaporate quickly, which is not economically recommended. Also, it is wise to go for a gentle cleanser when purchasing these products. The reason is that a harsh solution may discolor your roof, which you don’t want to happen to your roof.

Additionally, it is equally important to follow the manufacturer’s directions on the product you buy. If the instructions do not state that you should leave the cleanser on your roof, ensure you rinse your roof with water immediately that you are through cleaning it with a cleanser.

Before using any homemade solution to clean the moss from your roof, wet the moss-affected area with plain water. The need for the water-before-solution technique is to make the surface moist; it’ll also remove the dirt away from the surface.

After this, you apply the cleanser and give it some minutes to work. Thirty minutes is enough for most homemade cleansers. After this, scrub it off with a soft brush and finally rinse with water.

3. Prevent Moss from Coming Back

Having cleared the moss on your roof, you will not want to experience it again. It can be very frustrating if it reoccurs. As such, you will want to do everything to make sure it does not come back. There are ways you can achieve and you have to be faithful to all of these preventive measures.

You can achieve this by installing a copper- or zinc-coated sheet below the ridge of your roof. While you may want to go for zinc at its low cost, know that copper is harsher to moss and will prevent it from coming back.

Another way to attach this sheet to your roof is to cut the metal roll into smaller pieces and screw them to your roof with roofing nails and rubber washers.

If you have tree limbs hanging over your roof, prune them. Tree limbs prevent sunlight from reaching the surface of your roof and can birth moss.

Clearing off the debris is a critical step to discourage moss from forming on your roof.  Generally, the roof gathers a lot of debris, including humus from decomposed leaves. Getting rid of them is key to preventing moss from returning to your roof.


As harmful as moss is to your roof, they can be removed with the right guild. There are cases where you do not need any particular product to get rid of moss on your roof. Secondly, there is stubborn moss that requires applying cleanser before they can clear away and give your roof a look it deserves. If you notice that your roof has started growing moss, it is imperative to deal with it before it grows and damages your roof.

If you follow the three steps in this article and pay attention to the instructions in it according, you will find it easy to bring your roof back to its normal state.

Meanwhile, you may end up not getting the desired result you’re looking for after taking all precautions. You can always outsource the job to a seasoned roof professional who has requisite skills and experience to help you out.

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