Want to add years to your roof? Consider regular roof maintenance and cleaning from the team at Behmer Roofing. We perform roof cleaning and maintenance on hundreds of roofs every year throughout Arizona. There’s no roof too small or large for our team. We provide complete maintenance for roofs including removing debris and powerwashing removing animal droppings and tree debris. Make your roof look brand new today with maintenance and cleaning from Behmer Roofing!


Power Washing

Once any debris is removed from your flat roof, Behmer’s team will powerwash and re-seal all penetrations.

Small Repairs

We can replace shingles, fix leaks, replace individual tiles, add new mortar balls, and re-seal drains on your roof system.

Remove Debris

Whether it’s leaves, rocks, or dirt, Behmer will remove all debris that may be damaging your roof.


Most frequent questions and answers

Roof maintenance usually involves small repairs, cleaning gutter, and re-sealing vents and other roof penetrations.

The team at Behmer recommends that you get your flat roof cleaned and maintained at least once a year. Call Behmer today to make your roof look as good as new!

Basically, keep looking up! Perform a visual inspection from the ground to see if the gutters are getting clogged or if excess debris is accumulating in the valley areas of the roof. In addition, making sure you trim your trees or bushes near your home or business will minimize the amount of debris that can make its way to your roof. For your own safety, avoid getting on your roof.