A Leaky Roof doesn’t always mean that you need a new roof, it could be as simple as a minor roof repair. Our experienced technicians can troubleshoot every type of roof system and give you our best recommendation to solving the problem. Call us today for a free evaluation of existing roof system.

Roof Repair - Behmer Roofing


Fixing Leaks

Leaks can severely damage your roof. We can virtually repair any leak with a variety of methods. We pride ourselves in being to find the problem and fixing it in order to save you money.

Shingle & Tile Replacements

Missing a shingle or tile? Replacing an asphalt shingle or concrete tile is fairly simple but can create more problems if done incorrectly. We can evaluate and fix your tile or shingle problem usually within the same day.

Flashing Repair

We can repair or replace any damaged roof flashing.

Proper roof repair from Behmer Roofing can prolong the life of your roof. All roofs require repair at some point- and it’s a lot cheaper than a full roof replacement. Minor leaks, missing shingles or tiles, and insufficient flashing can lead to more major problems if not repaired in a timely fashion. Call today for a roofing inspection and a free estimate for all of your roof repairs!


Most frequent questions and answers

While the average cost of roofing repair varies, the average for minor repairs is $150-$400; moderate: $400-1,000; major repairs: $1,000-3,000. Call Behmer today for a free estimate for your roofing repairs!

Absolutely! Behmer Roofing can replace a single shingle or tile that has been damaged or is missing entirely.