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Your contract is signed and submitted. You will be receiving an email outlining the next steps for your project. If you have any questions now or during your project, give us a call or send an email.


SCOTTSDALE (480) 445-9240

Here are the next steps for you project and what you can expect. You will receive an email with the following information as well.

  1. Deposit: If your contract requires a deposit (it will state on the bid if it does and for how much), here are your options on how to pay:
    • Mail a check for the deposit amount to our office: 7457 E. Adobe Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85255
    • Drop a check off for the deposit amount at our office: 7457 E. Adobe Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85255
    • Call in with a Credit Card (we take the information over the phone and immediately store in a secure / encrypted environment) or we can email you a Credit Card Authorization Form
    • Come by our office and fill our a Credit Card authorization form in-person: 7457 E. Adobe Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85255
    • Note – all credit card transactions are charged an extra processing fee of 2.5%
    • Please note that we don’t deposit your check or run your credit card until the day before we start your project, unless your materials are a custom order.
  2. Color & Product Selection: If your contract requires you to select a product choice and/or color selection, please let us know what those are by sending an email to: If you need help with the product and/or color selection, we can point you in the right direction to make a digital selection, or we can deliver samples to your house, or feel free to come by our office and we can help you make the right selection.
  3. Scheduling: Typically we are 3-5 weeks out on most re-roof projects. This is because we use in-house crews (as opposed to independent sub-crews). Once we receive your signed contract, please give us a few days to figure out an approximate start date range. Once we establish an approximate starting date, we will reach out and give you a range of approximately when we will be starting, and from that point, and as we get closer, we will stay in contact, typically on a weekly basis, and then once we are about a week out, we will firm up the exact date. Please understand that weather heavily impacts our schedule and if there’s a chance of rain, it may delay your start date, even if we have an exact start date established.
  4. How to Prepare?:
    • HOA Approvals: If your HOA requires an approval for the work (and/or product selection) please get that addressed immediately. Behmer Roofing is not responsible for any work or fines that occur for not having proper HOA approval
    • Valuables: Please remove all valuables from the walls. We are not responsible for anything that becomes loose, falls, and gets damaged
    • Hanging Fixtures: If you have a large, valuable, or expensive chandelier or light fixture, we recommend that you have an electrician come out and take a look to make sure it is securely fastened.
    • Cars: Please have all cars removed from the driveway and access areas
  5. The Work Begins!: A re-roof is a huge demolition project, and a massive undertaking. It’s messy, noisy, and sometimes very inconvenient…for you and your neighbors. We will start as early as your HOA and/or Local Municipality will allow (typically 5am or 6am in the summer and 7am in the Winter). As mentioned we will be dropping off notification cards to your neighbors, so they should all be in the loop. A typical re-roof project takes 2-6 days to complete, but could be longer depending on the scope of work and size of your home. Other important notes:
    • Pets: Please keep all pets inside — it will be loud and they will be frightened
    • Kids: Please don’t allow children to play near the house and/or equipment during construction
    • Pools: If you have a pool, please schedule for a clean for within one week after are scheduled to be complete
  6. Completion & Close Out!: During the project, we will continually keep you posted on our progress – just let us know if you prefer text, calls or email. Once we are complete, our Superintendent or Project Manager will let you know, and we will send you a final invoice for the work. Once the invoice is paid in full, we will send you a copy of the paid invoice and the warranty docs.
  7. Final Invoice and Payment: Once completed we will send you a final invoice via email. Please keep in mind, we are a small business and your prompt payment is very important to us. Here are your convenient payment options:
    • Credit Card – You can pay via credit card (remember that credit cards transactions have a 2.5% fee) right off the invoice
    • E-Check – there will be a secure link on the bill
    • Paper Check – you can bring by our office or drop in the mail (mailing address will be on the bill)
  8. Give Us a Positive Review: Remember….if you Like Us, Please give us a Positive Google Review, and refer us to your Friends.

Thanks again for trusting us with your roof, and working with a local family owned business. We are excited to execute this project for you!